More Points Means You Win.
Smith Gas Liquids Company has remained wholesales-only propane supplier since its founding in 1983.

We simply stick to our commitments, and retail has never been a part of our business plan. This level of focus is rarity in our industry.

Many wholesale providers also supply their own retail operations. So when an unforeseen shortage hits, guess who gets served first? Wholesale customers who are outside this closed-loop arrangement often get the leftovers, if there are any.

Our wholesale-only, Sure Thing attitude at Smith Gas Liquids Company means we aren’t swayed by the peaks and valleys of the propane market. We stand sure and steady, so our customers can rely on sure and steady supply of propane.

In other words, we don’t see the point in trying to have it both ways. We’re all about doing it the right way. And our way is wholesale propane only. We’re here to be your SURE THING, not a maybe thing.
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